3 stylish casual spring outfit ideas you will love!

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Spring is here! Hello, warm weather 🙂 Well, not completely warm since it can be up and down but it should be mainly warm along with beautiful flowers blooming along with more sunshine! In addition, a lot of bright colors! I love my brown but I also love the mix of bright colors, especially during spring/summer!

With spring, there is light layering that comes with it. For instance, a crop top and jeans can be paired with tennis shoes along with a blazer or a floral dress with boots paired with a moto jacket. We don’t have to wear a thermal vest followed by a top, second top, sweater, jacket, coat, and a heavy scarf. Whew, now that’s a lot!

Using what I already have in my closet, I am going to show 4 casual outfits that you can wear on casual Fridays [ if you’re back in the office ] or casual outings.


1. Blazer, shirt, and heels 

  •  if you want to jazz up an outfit that’s “too simple”, the blazer will take it to another level!

2. Denim dress and sneakers

  • Show off those arms and legs with this number! 


3. Shirtdress and denim jacket

  • This is very casual and cool 

*Bonus: blazer, shirt, and sneakers

  • This option is for those who want to opt out of wearing heels or just don’t like them. Still fly! 

Voila! Three cute casual spring outfits you will love!

What I love the most about these outfits is you can change out one thing for another. For example, if you want to wear a tank top or bodysuit in place of a shirt, you can! The outfit will still be awesome! Mix and match are great, especially when “ there’s nothing to wear.”

With that being said, my favorite is number 1! What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.


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