4 cute last minute Valentine’s Day outfits you must see



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We are a few days away from Valentine’s Day or for some Galentine’s Day. Some people choose to go out and buy new outfits for their dinner date or outing with friends. There are some who want to throw something together from their closet while some just don’t care as they do not wish to partake in the festivities of that day. Each of these instances is perfectly fine! I fall in the first category. I dabble in shopping here and there but with the Pinterest and TikTok hacks I have come across, I know I can put together stylish outfits.


As a matter of fact, I have!
Red is the color people choose to wear but there are also a few others including pink and black. Since I could not find any pink outfits, the colors I will work with are Red and Black!
Here are four last-minute outfit ideas for Valentine’s/ Galentine’s Day.


  1.  Black tights + Red Blazer


  • Red blazer- thrifted
  • Black tights- rainbow



2. Red blazer + Black high waisted wide pants


  • Red blazer- thrifted
  • Black pants- Macy’s


3. Black high waisted wide pants + Black blazer

  • Black blazer- Macy’s
  • Black pants- Macy’s

4. Black sequin coat + Black tights

  • Black sequin coat- Macy’s
  • Black tights- Rainbow
Now that you have seen these outfits ideas and have gotten inspo, I’m sure you will look lovely for your Galentine’s/ Valentine’s Day!
Let me know in the comments which of the last-minute outfits you would wear!
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Have a great day!
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